Catch That Bus Bring Comfort of Traveling With Discounted Fares

Winters were arriving and my kids were going to have their winter breaks from school which meant that this was the time when we can make plan to go to my parent’s place. Though they don’t live too far but it was just once a year we used to make plan to visit her. My husband for a change also got the leaves which encouraged me more to plan things out. Like always we booked our tickets using promo code for catch that bus. The online service for reservation didn’t disappoint me and I got hefty discount on booking my ticket.

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It started off five years back when I moved to Malaysia from Singapore as my husband got his transfer to the sister branch in Malaysia. I was really worried when I heard the news because with my son who was just 6 months old, I needed my mother to supervise me in every possible way. Continue Reading “Catch That Bus Bring Comfort of Traveling With Discounted Fares”