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Winters were arriving and my kids were going to have their winter breaks from school which meant that this was the time when we can make plan to go to my parent’s place. Though they don’t live too far but it was just once a year we used to make plan to visit her. My husband for a change also got the leaves which encouraged me more to plan things out. Like always we booked our tickets using promo code for catch that bus. The online service for reservation didn’t disappoint me and I got hefty discount on booking my ticket.

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It started off five years back when I moved to Malaysia from Singapore as my husband got his transfer to the sister branch in Malaysia. I was really worried when I heard the news because with my son who was just 6 months old, I needed my mother to supervise me in every possible way.Level of fear kept on rising in my heart as I even was tense about my travelling and the expensive airline tickets as I was very much attached with my mother.


My husband could see the tension on my face whether I tried to show or hide it. He could sense what I was going through. Though it was decided that I will go with him but looking at my condition he delayed my travelling and he moved there before me. I didn’t know why he delayed my trip but I got to know this within few days when he came back and told me to be prepared to leave within two days.

This time he didn’t hand over the airline ticket to me but bus tickets of Catch That Bus. I got confused when he did this and looked at him with the confusion in my eyes. He told me then that it’s the cheapest and easiest way to travel from Malaysia to Singapore and back then. This meant that he was giving me a hope that I can travel whenever I want to back home to my mother.

I was so happy for my husband to think about me considering all the ways. Since then we are using Catch That Bus coupon codes to travel from one place to another making things easier for us. Even my mother visited me on my daughter’s birth and after that as well. Things are quite to our comfort when we are using Catch That Bus.

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